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Why Do You Need An Emcee?

In the era where audiences really want an immersive experience, we need to provide opportunities to do more than sit and listen. We need to make everyone part of the conference, not just passive observers.  

A skilled Emcee does just that, engaging the audience; enhancing attention and retention, creating excitement, and facilitating connections. After all, why are we all gathered together if not to meet and connect?

Questions? Check out the FAQs below.

A motivational speaker will inspire for an hour,
a great Emcee keeps the inspiration
alive throughout the entire event.

Why Choose


Seamless Event Flow

Beyond transitions and introductions, a great Emcee really stands out when things don't go as planned. Whether it's dealing with technical problems or last-minute schedule changes, a top-notch Emcee weaves these mishaps into the event, making it all seem like part of the show.

Interactive Experiences

Conference attendees often express a desire for more interaction.

A great Emcee will transform any timeframe into an engaging networking opportunity.

Vibrant Energy

People naturally feed off energy, so they tend to mirror what they see.

With a great Emcee, you get someone who consistently radiates enthusiasm and joy, making every moment feel lively and enjoyable.

The Benefits


For The Event

Beyond the logistics of speaker introductions. It's about reading the audience and adapting to meet there needs. If they are tired, waking them up, if they are restless, creating attention. If they are too quiet, getting them loud! If they are shy, making it easy to meet each other

For The ROE (Return On Experience)

Shifting attendees from passive observers to active participants ensures their desire to return for future events, securing the event's ongoing success. What would happen if we made such an engaging event, that the word-of-mouth was all we needed to promotion?

For The Sponsors

Move beyond mere sponsor spotlights; integrate sponsors into the event's core, making them an integral part of the overall experience. What would happen if instead of just thanking them, their brand become an experience during the conference?

For The Theme

Every conference has a theme, but rarely is it something that is embodied by participants. What if we could constantly keep the theme top of mind throughout the event?

For The Speakers

Here is the truth, most of the time we do our speakers a disservice when we only read their bios. What if we could spark curiosity, create anticipation and energize the room with an introduction?


What People Think

Steve Wallace
Steve WallaceSports Marketing Leader | Creating transformative impact
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Ivan was the official host of the TORONTO 2015 Pan Am and Parapan Am torch relay celebrations and I was delighted as he worked the crowds from a few dozen people up to 10,000 enthusiastic spectators everyday for 4 months. I continue to engage Ivan with my activities with Invictus Games because he is simply the best!
Manuel Rodriguez
Manuel RodriguezCEO - Partner at Unikron Video Content Agency
Read More
I'm was impressed by Ivan's ability to read the audience, with his funny but serious style he provide quick-witted responses, anecdotal comments and observations. He made our succesful event Gala, welcoming Members of Parliament, Ambassadors, Grammy Award Winners, and VIP Guest.
Andrew Ng
Andrew NgPM | Software Engineer | MBA
Read More
His enthusiasm and commitment to teaching in an impactful and intentional way keeps him at the top of his Business Presentation ability. I recommend Ivan's Public Speaking Class to anyone interested in a leadership role.
 Aamir Bootwala
Aamir BootwalaeCommerce Associate at Perpetua
Read More
I attended a Leadership conference Ivan was leading. I left the conference motivated, enlightened, and full of public speaking skills I can’t wait to use!
Manasa Lankalapalli
Manasa LankalapalliProduct Manager
Read More
Ivan’s public speaking and presentation workshops are unique and one of the best! He doesn’t just demonstrate, he makes the audience do it and gives them an incredible amount of support. I highly recommend Ivan when you want to woo your audience.
Nitin Goyal
Nitin GoyalMSc, Computational Analytics @Georgia Tech | Product Data Analyst @Perpetua
Read More
Ivan's workshops are highly engaging and the energy he brings to the stage is contagious. His charisma is only second to his passion for improving his audience's communication skills. While you can't really learn public speaking in hour, and I'm amazed by how much I took out of it!


Frequently Asked Questions

Easy-peasy! Shoot us an email with your event details, and we'll set up a free 15-30 minute, commitment-free consultation to dive into your event, theme, and goals.

Ivan's hosted everything from professional conferences craving color and engagement to large public events demanding a captivating presence. Even sporting events get the Ivan touch for that clear and commanding voice.

Flexibility is our middle name. From wild hype to quiet dignity, we've got the range to match your event's vibe.

It’s all about the people. We think about the audience and create reasons for them to be energized. Our approach is collaborative, encouraging audience participation and interaction. No dull moments – just a lot of excitement.

Check out our About page for the full scoop, but Ivan's hosted everywhere – from the Olympics to FIFA to intimate conferences and private meetings.

Absolutely! Ivan is not just an emcee; he's a trainer too. He's ready to fill short gaps with interactive games, conduct workshops for longer stretches, or spice up networking games on the fly.

Keep it simple or go all out. For large events, a mic is the minimum, but Ivan can work with your A/V setup to make the most of what's available.

Privacy is paramount. We're happy to sign any non-disclosure agreement and play by your organization's rules of conduct and ethics.

Ivan is a hot commodity, so reaching out about 6 months in advance is the golden rule.

But don't fret – we'll do our best to be there whenever you need us.

Cancel within a week, and you're in the clear.

Less than a week? A 50% refund is your consolation prize.

Please read our full Cancellation and Rescheduling Policy.

Tell us what you need, and we'll provide an exact quote. Bookings are arranged on a half-day, full-day, or multiple-day basis, all designed to fit your budget.

Absolutely! Head over to our Hosting page to check out Ivan’s sizzle reel or you can always check out our YouTube channel and our Instagram.

Communication is key. Leading up to the event, we can be involved as much as you're comfortable with. Ivan can attend pre-conference planning sessions to ensure success – it's all included in our quote.