Public Speaking Lab


Let me tell you a story…

🌟 At 19, I spend 2 years speaking to groups on racism and violence. Working with groups as divers as kindergarteners, at-risk teens, police officers, teachers and community groups. This taught me a my first valuable lesson: people learn best by doing!

🛠 After university I failed careers in many careers. I worked in finance, sales, Non-for-profit and academia and in each of them, I burned out, but it was through these failures I discovered my superpower: transforming boring communication into engaging experiences, 

🔥 Fast forward a few years later, at McGill’s Desautels School of Management, I travelled globally competing in business case competitions from Dallas to Singapore to Copenhagen, to Ottawa. Crafting compelling value propositions and mastering confident presentations became crucial.  Here’s where I learned 2 more life-changing lessons. 

  1. Non-verbal cues shape perceptions and opinions before a word is uttered. 
  2. What an audience truly desires is a easy idea with a simple message.

Years of research in cognitive sciences, psychology and unconventional sources -like police interrogators, comedians or even poker players- refined my toolkit of communication hacks and leadership techniques into something never been seen and experienced.

💡 I took my discoveries to the streets, honing my tactics from classrooms to boardrooms, from football stadiums to large public events.

🌎 Now, I travel globally, offering workshops and coaching focused on impactful communication and leadership development. Together, let’s end boring and transform your communication skills!

The birth of Public Speaking Lab

Our Belief: Direct application fosters deeper understanding and confidence in your skills. 

Our Method: Learn, test, apply and observe for immediate impact. That is the approach that has garnered so much praise and impactful results for over 15 years.  

Why a lab? The reason is simple and the core of what makes our approach so unique. Whereas most training revolves around lectures our training revolves around experiments.  We teach simple tactics followed by immediate trial and testing of these tactics in small groups.  We encourage risk taking, while keeping a safe environment, just like any good Lab!