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Revolutionize Communication: End Boring

Real-World Tactics For Impactful Speaking

This book discards conventional teachings, offering practical strategies from real experts in various domains: from stand-up comics to unconventional professionals. Discover actionable tactics that transform dull presentations and let’s #EndBoring!

What You Will Learn

Uncover invaluable insights and actionable advice across these topics:

Liar's Parallel

The 2% Rule

Visceral Statements

The Goal Opportunity Statement

Moving With Purpose

Belly Button Rule

The Know-Phrase

The Myth of Nervousness

Virtual Communication

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Excerpts from the book

If listeners are only going to remember one thing you say and a general impression of you, then, your non-verbal communication is the general impression.

Remember the 2% Rule

Instead, the goal is becoming so used to being nervous that it no longer affects your delivery.

The goal is not overcoming nervousness

Avoid falling into these three general traps, which I call The Liar’s Parallel: 1. Formal language; 2. Distance; and 3. Too many details!

Look out for the Liar's Parallel!

When someone is speaking, and they stop and the whole room goes quiet, you don't even want to move.

Silence demands attention

Don’t rush through your presentation! Instead jump to your closing and reinforce your main ideas like your Know-Phrase.

If you are running out of time,


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