How much communication is supposed to be nonverbal? Most of us would say between 50% and 90%. We lose a lot of that when we’re communicating virtually, especially when the camera is not showing us but rather slides. That’s a whole other topic on its own and you can check out my presentation course (link below) for strategies on how to make slide deck visuals more appealing and use them strategically. 

When we lose all non-verbal communication it means that our words have to be much more specific so our participants/learners understand what we want from them. Therefore it’s not enough to say “…what do you all think…” or “…any thoughts…”

What kind of response do you want? Do you want them to comment? Do you want a one-word answer? Do you want a paragraph? Do you want a link? Do you want them to turn on their microphone? Unless you are that specific you will probably only get a couple of answers and those will likely be very basic, just a word or do.

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